I’d heard rumours of a new Fish On Friday album for a little while so when this beauty dropped through the letterbox I thought heaven had arrived early.
Instead I saw that it is a compilation album of the first 4 albums recorded in Belgium between 2010 and 2017 with remixes of all the 14 numbers here.

If you know the band, it is a great reminder (if any were needed) of what they do so well but if you are a Neophyte, I think this will open a few eyes.

Essentially, this is very modern Prog music. Song structures are tight but still leave enough room for development and exposition of themes. While the playing is superb each instrument has its own space to explore and develop within but always within the song – no room for ‘widdling’ or excess and the sort of music that can only be accomplished by consummate musicians.

Take a track such as ‘Sanctuary’. Very Yes-like in the way that it builds into a massive, almost symphonic, climax but the build is subtle has you drawn into the track before you know it – the guitar solo at the end is sublime.

Or there is ‘Godspeed’, the title track from their 2014 album; the longest here at 10 minutes plus but the harmonies and the breadth and height of the soundstage make this a most wonderful listening experience. There is a sense in the track of breaking through, of transcending the base. Unlike so many other long tracks it never drifts or gets lost – and Nick Begg’s bass lines are exceptional.

You can definitely feel the band’s identity through these tracks as wall as the progression of the band themselves.

I wait for the next album if trembling anticipation