The debut EP from UV is an absolute delight on your eardrums. Having caught their headline show at St Pancras Old Church a few weeks back, which was both an audio and visual delight, the ‘Defender’ EP has been on regular rotation ever since.

‘Defender' is the debut offering from UV, aka Marina Elderton. Having previously fronted ethereal-psych band KULL and electronic duo White Russia, she is also a successful composer, with soundtrack recorded for Film4, Royal Television Society award winning documentaries, and shorts, and commercially for the likes of Lynx, NBA and Cadburys.

Under the name UV Marina has created a 4-track EP of the most dreamy, dark-pop sounds. Filled from start to finish with haunting vocals, interlaced harmonies, and pulsing rhythms, opener ‘Wilt’ sets the scene perfectly, with Marina’s vocals riding atop a hypnotically ambient bed of wonder. ‘Defender’ and ‘Joys Of Pain’ follow suit, while personal favourite ‘Blind Deities’ wraps thing up perfectly. Heading in an almost Kate Bush direction vocally, while remaining delicately sparse yet powerful musically, it brings to an end the first 20 minutes of UV music. Dark and intriguing, yet uplifting and infectious, ‘Defender’ is one of the best EP i’ve heard in 2019.

A new talent to find the time to fill your ear drums with.