Amy Swift Pines after ‘The One’ on her second solo single.

After initially fronting soul band Pacific State, Swift has opted to begin her solo journey. Debut single ‘Moving’ proved enjoyable with its mix of blues, electronic, and 60s soul vibe.

For its part ‘The One’ also proves to be a promising showcase of its artist’s talents, with strong vocals and solid writing.

The track tells of a woman who yearns for a love that once was. The lover has not sprung his mortal coil, but simply found a relationship in the arms of another. Filled with desperate longing the protagonist laments passing up what she wants had.

Swift sings:

“I didn’t mean to let you down, with everything that came between us and everything I’m living now can never come close to what we had, I wish that I could put it out but your love it just won’t leave me…”

The singer-songwriter’s rich vocals have a tinge of the late Amy Winehouse about them. Swift carries off the sense of heartbroken regret excellently.

Lyrically, the track hits the well-trodden theme of a longing for a seemingly unrequited love that just can’t be extinguished. Despite their former beloved being in a relationship, the protagonist insists “don’t tell me you’ve moved on, I know that we’re not done you’ll always be the one”.

The songs plot is simply and effectively conveyed, with well put together lyrics. Although the record doesn’t venture into new lyrical territories, the songwriter follows in the footsteps of many a heartbroken ode, that have mournfully pondered what might have been.

Overall, ‘The One’ is an effective demonstration of its creator’s talents. Swift’s vocal prowess is on full display as she continues her positive start to a solo career.