Slipknot’s highly anticipated “Knotfest Roadshow” has commenced it’s North American leg and the band has once again proven metal is far from dead.

Night after night tens of thousands of headbangers flood amphitheaters across America to hear a setlist filled with both classics and new hits from Slipknot’s legendary songbook. The qualities fans have grown to love over the course of their two decades of touring are on full display here, and frankly better than ever. From the over the top pyrotechnics to the signature masks every aspect of this tour is the best it has ever been.

The show starts out with old favorites then smoothly transitions into the newer tracks and familiar anthems. Every song is complimented beautifully with individualized lighting in sync with the visuals on the tour’s all-new production. The three three-tiered paneled video wall along with multiple air vents creating large gusts of air is a feast for the eyes. With eight people simultaneously on stage jumping around at times you may not know where to look. This is something that may sound bad in writing but will have you leaving the venue with nothing less than a grin on your face. That grin is what will make you a fan for life.

In an interview leading up to the tour Shawn “Clown” Crahan said "I like to live through music and I like to take my pain through music and perform it in front of people who like to let out their pain and love. That's number one.” This is something you see first hand and will resonate with you when you are in a crowd full of Slipknot fans. You will feel thousands around you letting out every imaginable emotion through the sound of a commonly shared love of music. Many other musicians can emulate a similar scene but no one else can quite in this fashion.

If Slipknot’s Knotfest Roadshow is coming to a city near you it is a tour you definitely do not want to miss. With a full set of North America dates still ahead, Australia to follow, and a Europe leg confirmed for 2020 the chances are they will be soon. For many, attending a Slipknot show for the first time will be stepping out of their comfort zone and for others, they will feel right at home. Regardless, you will leave with an unforgettable experience and possibly a new favorite band.

See the full Knotfest setlist below -

‘People = Sh*t’
‘Get This’
‘Before I Forget’
‘The Heretic Anthem’
‘The Devil in I’
‘All Out Life’