Master of ceremonies Jools Holland took the Kew the Music crowds into a seamless celebration of high calibre acts.

Holland brought his legendary piano skills and talented Rhythm and Blues Orchestra to the botanical wonders that are Kew Gardens. Holland was joined by an outstanding alchemy of stars - 80s pop legend Alison Moyet, Pauline Black, Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson aka The Selecter and the boogie-woogie Queen Ruby Turner.

Initiating the crowds was solo artist Alison Moyet whose husky, distinctive vocals set the tone for a memorable set as her seductive delivery wowed the crowds.

Seducing fans with her vocal aerobics with her song list of ‘All Cried Out’, ‘Love Resurrection’ and ‘Only You’. Her funky struts and fiery harmonies held a spellbound sea of fans. ‘Rarest Birds’ led the an audience into an eerie silence, as Moyet’s controlled melodies rang through the night.

Please welcome Jools Holland – master of an assortment of exemplary hats – pianist, bandleader, singer and composer bounced onto the stage with an unspoken knowledge that he would gift his audience with a musical eclectic extravaganza.

Sibling Chris Holland joined Holland to thrash the ivories in a spectacular forceful piano duet. A stream of powerful drum, saxophone, trombone solos, groovy boogies enthralled fans.

Crème of ska icons the acclaimed stylish Pauline Black and Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson stole the limelight, as front woman Black’s peppy, energetic stage presence filled the gardens to the brim.

Her vocal prowess is astounding as her partner in a perfected musical unison, Hendrickson joins her with a rally of iconic tracks – ‘Too Much Pressure, ‘Missing Words’ and gets the crowd on their feet in a frenzy as ‘Enjoy Yourself’ – a final masterpiece from this dynamic duo.

Ruby Turner’s undeniable vocal power closed the acts – predicting bookings will soar for 2020’s rerun…..