The other-worldliness of this album betrays the roots of Ida Wenoe’s Danish home. She has a soft and high voice and couples that with a sensitive and ethereal playing style.

Her music feels as though it touches on folk roots and there are elements of Americana in there as well but the quality of her voice and the intense soundscapes of her songs are utterly modern and hauntingly unique.

In short, she is a wonderful conundrum and this album had me grabbed from the first notes of the title track.

Close your eyes and she transports you to a cold and icy landscape but I could also imagine her as a performer, sitting on a stool in a darkened jazz club, single spotlight pitched just in front so that the vocals seem to appear from the dark.
This is music that is more visual than auditory, more an experience than a listen.

This is destined to be a regular ‘go-to’ album for those moments when I need music to soothe or transport.

Delightful album, pretty well flawless