In terms of pop music, Ukraine is perhaps best known for it's usually compelling Eurovision entries. Having won twice - with the epic Wild Dances (Ruslana) and emotive 1944 (Jamala) - it has this last week made headlines the world over for pulling out of the contest following MARUV's refusal to sign an agreement to perform. So for those craving their latest Ukrainian pop export, we suggest checking out Delena. The London based songsmith is a distinctive, radio friendly artist who knows how to pen an earworm with heart and sentiment.

Boasting five songs, her eponymous debut EP is set to see her become a key pop player. With echoes of the current crop of radio dominating pop artists, Delena is a clever fusion of Ava Max, Dua Lipa and Mabel. She boasts the credibility of Dua Lipa, the vocal dexterity of Mabel and the acute image awareness of Ava Max, all with a little classic Lady Gaga thrown in for good measure.

While the female empowerment anthem Perfectly Designed is without doubt the EP's key cut, it is perhaps the more radio designed Animal that will see her take the Radio 1 playlist by storm. That being said, should she wish to branch out to a more mature audience, Higher Ground shows her driven balladeer from within.

Although it could be argued that Ukraine should have turned to Delena in the aftermath of their Eurovision fall-out, there is little doubt that Delena is destined to make it big with or without that launchpad. Delena is destined to be your next favourite pop icon.