This album meets two of the tests I hold for movie soundtracks:
1. It should make me feel as though I have seen the movie,
2. It should be good enough, musically, to stand alone.

It is easy to recognize the hand of Thorsten Quaeschning in this – his role in Tangerine Dream makes it inevitable that this will have the signature of ‘Dream’ all over it – but if I didn’t know it was a soundtrack then I would probably assume it was a new – and very good – Tangerine Dream album.

The pacing, the soundscapes and the deep emotions are all there but because it is describing scenes from a thriller movie there is greater restraint in the length of numbers and all to the better.

The movie itself is a thriller where the central character finds himself locked in a cargo container with 24 hours to achieve his release and the music brilliantly capture different elements of the plot and the characters – it is designed to be a crucial part of the movie experience and I can only look forward to seeing the visuals that go with it.

The best electronic music is cinematic in its essence and this works better than most. A stunning piece.