In 2016 Americana Award winning songwriter Ben Glover gifted the world The Emigrant. The folk driven sound proved his most scintillating to date. Five albums in to a recording career and Glover was ready to break out from being an artist's artist to become a mainstream contender. With rave reviews and impressive radio support, it was apparent that not only was he ready for mainstream acclaim but so was the mainstream. With his profile raised, Glover returned to the studio to start work on his sixth studio album. Although he took a brief break for the collaborative project Orphan Brigade in 2017, he returns with the heavily anticipated Shorebound. Can his sixth studio release exceed the high expectations following The Emigrant?

First things first, The Emigrant and Shorebound should not be compared. Yes, at the helm is the same artist, but they are very different bodies of work. The Emigrant was centered on traditional folk songs reworked by Glover. Although it contained a few original compositions, it showed his skill as a folk interpreter. Shorebound is centered on his collaborative abilities. Formed of original compositions, it is an insightful collection that plays to his strength - his co-writing abilities that have made him an award winner.

Featuring regular collaborators Gretchen Peters, Mary Gauthier and Neilson Hubbard, this is a tender collection that will melt your heart. Glover has a way with words, once that enters your soul and gifts it a soft, gentle shake. It is enough to move you but not so forceful that it breaks you. This gift is used throughout the entirety of the record, meaning that on first listen you are often left stopped in your tracks trying to understand the emotion that you are feeling.

Although the album is defined by the high profile collaborations, the two solo moments actually offer the album's understated highlights. While it is easy to fall for the Angel Snow featuring The Wound That Seeks The Arrow or be charmed by the Robert Vincent featuring Keeper Of My Heart, the power of Kindness and Shorebound is that they make you fall for them without you even realising it.

Ben Glover has for a very long time been an artist who has been rewarded with critical applause, but not been rewarded with the commercial success he deserves. Shorebound may shift gear from The Emigrant, but it is equally impressive and will direct Glover further into the hearts of the masses.