If there is any justice, will somebody PLEASE sign this lady up for some UK gigs.

She has a terrific voice, loaded with sultry undertones and a sassy edge that sets the hairs on the back of my neck at attention and the band behind her cook like a New Orleans Gumbo jamboree.

Seriously, this is Blues and soul of the highest order and her music is classic but not ‘retro’.

Kicking off with the stunning ‘Do Me Right’ I was hooked from the moment the bass came in with a ‘bobble de booble de doo’ line and then riffed with the martial drums and some sweet guitar leading to a sharp and angry vocal from Ms Ginty. Just at the point you expect a guitar solo you get a trumpet blowing sweet and hot and then the guitar solo just set to match it.

Most artists would probably repeat the trick with track two but not our Victoria –‘Every Night’ is a slow and melancholy ballad with deep and heavy emotive content. She reminds me in many ways of Lydia Pense but she has a better handle on the really slow material.

‘Hard To Move On’ continues the slow ballad groove with some sweet organ and lilting guitar from Grace Lougen. The story of the song is more than an ending and the song takes you in and builds so you are immersed in it.
The album features a terrific version of Terence Trent D’Arby’s ‘Sign Your Name’, keeping the soul but add a bit of latin groove to it and some perfect sax, but most of the tracks here were written by Ginty or in collaboration with bassist Mike Ivey and they are top quality. The pair really have a feel for melody and emotion and the result is rather fine and perfectly suited to her voice.

The title track has a wonderful funky groove to it and I get the feeling that it really sums up her persona perfectly.

Definitely an eye-opener and one I will be listening to a lot. Love it.