Following on from her smash hit ‘Dangerous Behaviour’ with Dutch DJ powerhouse Mike Mago, Tiggi Hawke is back with her brand new track ‘Me Too’ a deeply personal song inspired by current issues. Tiggi has recently seen mass industry and fan backing for her music from the likes of Radio 1, KISS, Record of the Day, Spotify, Wonderland and The Sun coupled with millions of streams worldwide. A gifted wordsmith, Tiggi draws from her own life and her own experiences to craft superbly creative yet openly autobiographical pop hymns. Speaking about the writing process and ‘Me Too’ Tiggi comments:

“All of my lyrics and all of my stories are from my own life and they are my experiences. This song although shaped from my own experiences, was written out of admiration for all who have come forward as part of the movement for change.”

Since releasing her acclaimed debut EP ‘Burn Notice’ in 2016 and single ‘Neon Dancer’ last year, Tiggi has proved her ability to create a string of infectious pop gems that naturally resonate with her audience, receiving praise from influential tastemakers including The Line Of Best Fit, Wonderland Magazine, PopJustice, CLASH, Notion Magazine, Idolator and more. Get ready to hear a lot more from this breathtakingly honest wordsmith with an art for writing songs that speak directly to her fans. Tiggi Hawke is without a doubt our one to watch for this year.

Music News caught up with Tiggi for an exclusive interview to find out more...

Tiggi how are you today?
Exhausted but really happy, today has been a whirlwind of emotions and the support form everyone around me has been incredible. I feel so lucky to have such amazing fans, friends and family! And cake. Cake has pulled me through.

Your new single ‘Me Too’ has just been released. Tell us about it?
Me Too is a very personal song so I was nervous about the release but I was determined to release the track, not only for myself, but for all the people who have come forward as part of the Me Too movement. I always write from my own experiences so while this single is shaped by my own experiences, I was inspired and credit this song to the courage of people part of the much needed change.

Is release week always a nervous time for you?
Always. Especially this single, to be honest, but I always get nervous when I’m releasing a song! I kinda thought I’d get used to it but I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I think the day I stop getting nervous I’ve gotta take a step back and find out why…!

You’re signed to Tileyard Music in North London, how is that relationship progressing?
I could not ask for a better team around me. They listen to my crazy ideas and honestly support them! The whole place is amazing, the community is very special and I absolutely love having my studio there. What means the most to me though is that they really understand the ups and downs of the industry and are always there if and when I need them (don’t tell them I said that though…!)

Your last single was ‘Dangerous Behaviour’ with Mike Mago how did that collaboration come about?
It was a super happy coincidence! I co-wrote the topline in London and then it was sent out and miraculously it ended up in Mike’s inbox. I didn’t actually know this and then out of the blue I got a demo over from him and it was exactly the right vibe and we just took it from there! He’s such a lovely guy and incredibly talented, it was so much fun to work together.

What enticed you into the world of electronic pop?
I actually started singing classically but I couldn’t find the expression I wanted so I gradually moved over to broadway, then over again to electro-pop and, yep it’s cliched, I just loved it and the rest is musical history!

How would you sum up your musical style and is there a particular direction that you are moving towards?
I think I’m gradually trying to reach all the corners covered by the electro-pop genre! I’d probably describe my music as quirky electro-pop, I like to try different things but I always write from my own experiences. I’m so lucky to write with some amazing producers, I love collaborating with writers and producers, collectively you come up with ideas that I definitely wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

Who are your musical heroes?
One of my all time favourite artists and songwriters is Johnny Cash. The way he wrote is amazing, his songs are concise but you always get the whole story, he didn’t leave out any details and his songs are full of emotion. I met Mick Jagger a few years ago and I was so star-struck! He’s such a legend to me and he was honestly such a lovely guy as well! I look up to Lady Gaga a lot, she stands up for what she believes in and does everything she can for her fans.

What’s next on your release schedule?
It’s gonna be a busy year! I’m very excited, I’ve got another few singles lined up that I absolutely love and can’t wait to share with you all but first things first, I’m just loving releasing Me Too and incorporating it into my live show

How does your song-writing process work?
I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure sometimes! I don’t have a set process, sometimes I’ll start with lyrics, other times with the melody. There’s no set way for me, I’m sure other writers have a certain way of approaching a song but I just go with the flow! I always have a little book with me where I write down ideas I have at any time and the voice recorder on my phone is one of my best friends!

Are you working on anymore collaborations?
Ask me again in a month! I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment… sorry!

Who would be on your collaborations wishlist?
Definitely The Weeknd, I love the way he writes his lyrics, they just seem to fit together perfectly. I mean, as unlikely as it is, it would be a dream to write with Lady Gaga! I can’t even imagine it but she’s 100% on the wishlist

Away from music what do you like doing?
I love baking cakes! I find it really relaxing and trying new/crazy recipes. I like playing games, boxing, eating pizza and watching Game of Thrones (then rewatching because the next series is gonna be a while…!)

Where can we see you live in 2018?
I’ve got some really exciting live shows coming up, the next one is on the 22nd March at Birthdays in London, but I always post about ALL my shows so check the old instagram to see when I’m playing next!

For someone that hasn’t come across Tiggi Hawke yet what songs should they search out online?
Well, I’m gonna have to recommend by latest single Me Too but I love singing Neon Dancer and Dangerous Behaviour (prime shower karaoke songs!) but I’ll let you decide for yourselves!

Any message for Music News readers out there?
Thank you all so much for your support, it means the world to me and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here talking to you guys without it. I hope you like Me Too and stay tuned for more where that came from!!

Fantastic, thanks for your time!

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