“I’ll be 24 next week”, said the extremely talented purveyor of blues, country and indie that is Jake Bugg, as he worked his way through a commanding performance in the historic London Palladium (a venue that’s played host to some of the greatest names in popular music from The Beatles and Stones to Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra).

As I entered the venue I wondered whether the grandeur of the theatre would suit the solo acoustic set, however as soon as he strummed his first note it was clear the audience would be treated to something special. He performed a mix of new and older more familiar tunes, his voice razor sharp and guitar playing flawless. The evening had an extremely intimate atmosphere which was to be expected as he was alone on stage with only a chair and well positioned lights, though his demeanour and stage presence made for an even more cosy feel.

He mentioned in the middle of his set how he was nervous before coming on and thanked fans for their support, however you wouldn’t have known due to the confident, polished performance. Between songs the vocal crowd shouted out numerous requests, some of which he obediently followed like the fan that wanted to hear Neil Young and he promptly gave a competent version of ‘Old Man’ to others he retorted (with a smile on his face) “I don’t know that one” or “no way mate, I wrote that when I was 15!”

Bugg has previously stated he wanted to spend his life writing and performing music, and based on tonight’s performance there’s a good chance he’ll fulfil that wish.