Returning with their first album in 3 years, English pop trio The Wombats resurrect with 11 absolute indie anthems. It's been 11 years since the Liverpool band released 'Let's Dance To Joy Division' and three since third album 'Glitterbug' reached the top 5 in 2015 so 'Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life' seemed to have been their most anticipated work to date.

The Wombats surprised their fans back in November 2017 with 'Lemon to a Knife Fight', the well deserved lead single from the album, which immediately created an absolute frenzy amongst their followers. The punchy track was said to be have written straight after front man Matthew Murphy had an argument with his wife, going back and forth between the idea of standing up for yourself or just accepting defeat.

Soon to follow was 'Turn', with a similar vibe to 'Glitterbug' material, the catchy track represents The Wombats' fantastic lyricism, which has always been their strongest facet. Although following the style of a pop ballad, 'Turn' is bursting with pure nostalgia.

Next came 'Cheetah Tongue', an obvious hit single from the first few seconds of hearing it. Although baffling lyrics, Murphy explains them as the attempt to deal with the pressures of adulthood and emotional maturity. In spite of the fact that the meaning behind the lyrics aren't as entirely humorous and jolly as they seem, 'Cheetah Tongue' is an indie anthem, standing out amongst the other tracks on the album.

The final song to be released prior to the full album was 'Black Flamingo', again demonstrating The Wombats' genius lyricism. The infectious chorus forces you to dance along and even though repetitive, it's definitely a grower.

The pace of the album completely flips with 'White Eyes' offering a throwback to the Liverpool legends' older music but with aspects of their modern maturity showing. The following tracks continue to catchy you off guard, offering The Wombats' classic style but with an entirely evolved sound that represents their successful years within the industry. 'Lethal Combination' and 'I Only Wear Black' have that quirky upbeat sound, well-known of the band, with feel-good vibes and a catchy beat.

The corpulent bass line of 'Out Of My Head' grabs your full attention, which is needed because it's another song that deserves to be chanted at the top of your lungs. The fantastic material just keeps coming with 'Ice Cream', Beatles-esque 'Dip You In Honey' and final song 'I Don't Know Why I Like You but I Do'.

The lyrics may not make full sense to us but we all know there's meaning behind them in their own special Wombats way. The Liverpudlian trio had a lot to live up to with three phenomenal albums already out but they didn't disappoint with 'Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life', combining aspects of their classic and modern sound to create something that's pushed the boundaries of indie pop.