Last weekend, Sunday, January 14th, The Accidentals lit up the Iridium Jazz Club in NYC with their unique contemporary indie folk/rock/pop sound. Everyone was treated to a delightful performance, with the lead performers Sav Buist and Katie Larson even walking through the audience playing their instrument of choice! Their performance was made complete with drummer and backup vocalist Michael Dause. The trio is currently touring across the US to promote their new album Odyssey, just released last summer.

I was so excited to see this trio perform live, as I had greatly enjoyed listening to their music previously. The Accidentals more than met my expectations, and I was amazed by their talent! The ease with which Sav and Katie switched between instruments was incredible. The stage was set with Himalayan salt lamps, ultimately allowing for a chill, cozy atmosphere where everyone could enjoy the fun and upbeat songs.

The trio started out the night with “String Thing,” with Michael on stage playing the drums, and Sav/Katie walking from the corners of the room, working their way through the crowd and playing their instrumental intro. Throughout the entire performance, it was clear how much each member of The Accidentals loved performing - putting everything they had into the song and purely enjoying the music that they created.

Other songs that were notable included “KW,” their title track “Odyssey”, and “Memorial Day.” Every song was met with loud applause. The crazy thing to me was that their live performances sounded exactly like the recorded version! The upbeat indie folk feel was perfectly captured, even through the instrument changes. It is very unique to have a band where each member can seamlessly transition between instruments while still singing and harmonizing with the other members of the band.

The Accidentals closed out the night with a mashup - featuring three different songs (“Number 9” by Moon Hooch, “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck, and “Red-Haired Boy,” a well known fiddle tune); the final number showcased all members’ vocal ability as well as their musicality.

Having listened to The Accidentals and having seen them perform live, I would highly encourage lovers of indie folk/rock/pop to come out to a show - each song on their Odyssey album is unique, appealing to music lovers of many different genres. Their live performance is such a delight to watch and I have high hopes for this band as they continue to develop their unique sound.

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