Jack Hutchinson is one of many Blues and Americana musicians who are plying their trade around Europe and the UK, recognised for their talents by the people who frequent the clubs and bars but completely missed b the majority of people whose idea of ‘music’ is brought them from X-Factor or Radio 1. It‘s a shame, because Jack has a lot to say and a really strong way of saying it.

He is a member of the Boom Boom Brotherhood and his schedule in 2017 saw him hitting Russia, Spain, Putney and France as well as playing at Ramblin’ Man where he supported ZZ Top

Right from the off, this album is strong and confident and the opening number, ‘Deal With The Devil’ roars out at you with a blast of riff, machine gun drums and howling keys. Hutchinson’s vocals are committed and he has slightly high pitch to his voice that suits th rocking drive of the number perfectly.

‘Hip Slickin’’ has a real seventies vibe to it, once more a howl of organ underpinning the song and the guitar solo getting you dancing across the room.

He shows that he can play a more studied song as well and ‘Hold Me Close’ lets him sing with emotion and subtlety but it really is the rock and boogie that he is best at and ‘Rattlesnake Woman’ – the first single off the album – has all the best attributes of the album collected.

He has a number of well known and respected musicians helping him out on the album including Mike Ross (guitar), Alberto Manuzzi (keys), Loris Peverani (drums), Dani Rock (double bass), Marc Burguera (guitar), Morgan Platt (drums), and Tom Brundage (harmonica) and it was produced by Tony Perretta.

It’s a fine album, full of good playing and, more importantly, good writing.

Jack J Hutchinson is exactly what keeps my musical interests alive – he has soul, talent and believes in his music. Works for me.