One of the most respected voices in British Blues (and inducted into the US Blues Hall Of Fame), Wily Bo Walker has linked up with Ed Brayshaw on guitar for his upcoming album ‘The Roads We Ride’ and this is the first single from the album.

A brilliant piece of Americana, Walker’s gravelly vocals and Brayshaw’s guitar almost define a sound of their own – harder edged than most Americana, darker than the Blues and more rhythmic than Voodoo Blues.

The album will tell the tale of Johnny & Louise, natural born killers, among other characters on the edge of society and this brilliant single really takes you to the edge of their emotions.

Brayshaw’s guitar positively screams in the break and I found myself cuing up time and again for the thrill of Walker’s lyrics and delivery.

Bottom line is that Wily Bo Walker is probably the best Blues vocalist you never heard and in tandem with Ed Brayshaw this single is one of the best I’ve heard this year.