Rachael Sage's latest album takes her back to her first 'love', dance. Her relationship with the art though has been more love-hate over the years and Choreographic is a musical therapy session to settle some of those issues. Having started off exploring the world of ballet, Sage never fulfilled that dream. Home (Where I Am Now) is one of 12 tracks exploring the relationship between music and dance, with an initial concept of imagining a dance to each song.

Early listening would suggest some kind of waltz to this latest single, which is a love letter to her home city of New York. There are buskers in Union Square, Lady Liberty is calling while Manhattan is 'yawning'. But Home also touches on dreams and aspirations; "all I ever hoped was the chance to listen and be well listened to".

Already garnering support on Radio 2, this is a delicate single, with a gentle hook that dances around your head after a few listens. It showcases a vulnerability too, which disguises Sage's experience and know-how. This is a performer at ease and displaying an assured confidence in her sound. Home is part of an EP, which also features the anti-bullying song I Don't Believe It, and it is being released to conincide with anti-bullying week (November 14th to 18th). All proceeds from the EP are going to the charity Ditch The Label.

Below, you can hear a short interview with Rachael about the concept behind her 12th studio album: