caught up with Mark Anthony at our North London HQ just before he hits the road with Tony Mortimer and releases his debut album 'Reckless Caution'.

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My forthcoming album "Reckless Caution".....the story!!

Hi all,

Hope you're all having a great day.

You may have heard by now, that my debut solo album "Reckless Caution", will be released on Monday, 31st October 2016; and is available for pre-order now.

The origins of the album began in October 2014; when I first met the music producer & Echobelly's bass guitarist Oliver Radio, who subsequently offered to produce some tracks for me, at his recording studios in London, "Attic Studios".

A month later, we then commenced a series of recording sessions which no-one apart from Oliver and myself knew about, which was mainly due to the fact that we had no idea what would happen with the recorded material, as we were literally just recording music, for the sake of recording music.

The recording sessions continued sporadically until around October 2015; by which time, we had written & recorded at least a couple of album's worth of music.

Towards the end of these sessions, the saxophonist Jake Telford and backing singer Heidi J were brought into "Attic Studios", to contribute to some of the recorded tracks, which then saw the completion of the recording project, by the end of October 2015.

The initial single releases from the recording sessions, were "An 80's Vibe", "London City" and "I Still Miss You".

In June 2016; I returned to "Attic Studios" with Oliver to review the material which we had previously recorded between November 2014 & October 2015 (some of which we had actually forgotten about), and we then decided that there was enough good material recorded, to actually put out an album.

After a bit of fine tuning behind the scenes for a while, on 13th August 2016; I announced that "Reckless Caution", would be released on 31st October 2016.

The track listing of the album is:

1. Atmospheric
2. An 80's Vibe
3. Carnival
4. Ska Train
5. I Still Miss You
6. Night Cruising
7. London City
8. Classik Rap
9. Road Trip
10. Festival
11. Welcome
12. Brownswood Road
13. Thank You

The artwork for the album cover was completed by the artist & graphic designer Eniko Toth.

I'd say that the album is very autobiographical, with a number of the songs on the album making references to my life experiences, whilst growing up in London.

In terms of the musical genres on the album, the album combines genres including Rap, Electro. Pop, Hip-Hop, Funk. Ska, Indie, Acoustic, Soul & Rock.

As well as currently being on pre-order, the album will be available via all main digital outlets from Monday, 31st October 2016.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the album.

Mark x