Opener ‘Crystal Pylon’ deploys Jarre-ing sounds, electropian bleat-beats and slam-drambience. Simple yet effective, this pounding hypnotic builder creates anarch-i-tech-ture for the mind.

‘Knockemdub’ is a trip-dub reworking of their earlier release ‘Knockemdead’, it’s not hard to see why these have got Sabre of Paradise Andrew Weatherall enthused, this is a critique on the politichaos prevalent in GB2016, fiscal corruption and corporate avarice resulting in the stark dichotomy of the ‘ballot or the bullet’, the system serving shock troopers’ itchy trigger fingers primed to squeeze with ease. Freedom comes at a price.

‘Half Moon Lane Glitter’ is future-industrofunk, a sombre timbre Clockwork Orange Juice aesthetic pervades throughout, the soundtrack to the gentrification-devastation mine-sweeping the nation. Building ‘em up to knock us down, the vampiric energy ghouls are reshaping our environs malevolently, nowhere left to run or hide.

‘User’ is Babylondon burning down, all Jah Wobbly bass clashing with squelchy cascades. The town ghosts still haunt the (un)consciousness.

Be brave, ignore the moral codes and ingest this quartet of summery dancethems.