Such a pleasure to hear a Blues musician who has a voice that isn’t a weak attempt at sounding American and who can actually make music that I want to hear.

He’s been around a good number of years – from the mid-60’s in fact – and has touched on Blues, jazz, acid-jazz, Americana and even poetry and developed a unique style which the late Diten Vadler has captured here brilliantly. I reviewed his last album ‘What’s Going On’ back in 2013 and it has been on my regular playlist ever since.

It is more than difficult to pigeon-hole Wilson so I won’t even try.
He starts the album with a Blues ‘What The Blind Man Saw’ featuring some delightful slide and then moves into a dark and jazzy piece, ‘The Mighty’ which has all the depth and darkness of midnight with a closed in and almost claustrophobic feel to it – chilling and breath-taking at one time.

‘Evil (Is In Your Soul)’ is a wonderful Voodoo Blues with fluttering harp and striking guitar work – the quality of the production makes the song cry out for a video to show off the three dimensional qualities of the number.
The title number features some gorgeous keyboards from Jack Baldus on a piece that celebrates the impossible in a style reminiscent of Gil Scott Heron but with an utterly British voice – frankly, this number makes the album worth buying on its own.

The album hits a lot of positive notes, especially when he moves away from the standard Blues forms, and there isn’t a track on the album that doesn’t have some positives.
There are a number of artists around at the moment who seem to be celebrating their individualism and Ged Wilson is one of the best.