Those fantastic Last Great Dreamers are back with yet another single release and a poignant new song that should catapult them several steps closer to the echelons of rock.

Currently engaging in a UK mini-tour including guest slots for Tigertailz, it would seem the Last Great Dreamers are busy busy busy with anything and everything BUT dreaming: touring, the launch of a new album via PledgeMusic campaign, and several plans more are testimony to frontman Marc Valentine and guitarist Slyder’s commitment of “keeping the dream alive.” Supported by fellow Dreamers Ian Scruffykid on bass and Denley Slade on drums, this dream has every chance to not only stay alive but become reality.

In contrast to previous single ‘Dope School’, the band’s new release ‘Glitterball Apocalypse’ is still chock full of catchy hooks, a punchy rhythm and an irresistibly melodious chorus but its lyrical contend strikes a decidedly darker note:

“The revolution starts tonight, they sky is on fire, the streets are turning red… Do you ever get the feeling it’s the end when everbody’s fucked up or they’re dead… “

A fitting tribute then – or anthem if you will – to rock ‘n’ roll casualties past and present, to apocalyptic friends, and a stark reminder that the world of rock/glam rock isn’t just filled with glitter. The intro sees several seconds of mellow and beautifully executed guitar riffs exuding a strong Guns ‘n’ Roses vibe, before the punch beat kicks in and Marc Valentine belts out his emotions to perfect accompaniment.

In contrast, B-side ‘The Way We Collide’ is an altogether jollier sounding composition fusing elements of surf pop and airy power rock. Love the harmonies here with everyone chipping in and some good ole retro riffs. Yeah!