I am very confused as to the buying habits of the great British public.
Once upon a time there was a band called The Nimmo Bothers and while they had quite a reputation for excellent Blues they hardly set the world alight.
Then Alan Nimmo joined up with Wayne Proctor, Lindsay Coulson and Bob Fridzema and won awards, plaudits and sold a bunch of records.
Now the other Nimmo Brother, Stevie, has released a solo album that is likely to be heading for album of the year status in a lot of polls. So how come The Nimmo Brothers didn’t?

All joking aside, this is one hell of an album. Loaded with great songs and some stunning guitar from Stevie alongside his soulful bellow, this is an absolute belter.

The album opens with a storming piece in ‘Chains Of Hope’, the amps being switched on and leading into a howl of feedback before a killer riff happens along. Guaranteed to have heads nodding and fists pumping when it goes out live it will give any Blues/Rock fan that familiar fizzing sensation,

‘Roll The Dice Again’ keeps the oomph levels up and then ‘Change’ comes in and a lovelier bit of soul/Blues I haven’t heard in ages. Nimmo’s vocal is high-pitched and sweetly sung while the guitar and rhythm funks softly behind him. A super, screaming, guitar solo really kicks the song into the stratosphere.
‘Running On Back To You’ continues the atmospheric Blues, again with a dynamite guitar solo while ‘Walk The Thin Line’ with a sweet bit of pedal steel and harmonies captures an Eagle-esque vibe.

There isn’t weak track on the album but ‘Gambler’s Roll’ is probably the one I’ll come back to time and again.

Stevie Nimmo is, IMO, one of the best unsung players in the UK at the moment. Put him alongside the Laurence Jones, Dan Patlanskys or even Alan Nimmo and he definitely holds his own.

He is touring with Ben Poole at the moment, well worth catching.