THE LAST GREAT DREAMERS won’t have much time for dreaming left if new single ‘Dope School’ is anything to go by! Impossibly catchy and with a generous sprinkle of glammed-up pop-rock and gritty attitude, the band are back with a whack and I predict that they are here to stay!

Welcome back Marc Valentine, Slyder (both vocals and guitar), drummer Denley Slade, and bassist Ian Scruffykid (luv that name!). In 2014 (with a little help from their fans) these dandified lads successfully resurrected themselves after their blossoming career was cut short in the mid-90’s. The result was ‘Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven’ – an 11-track rarities affair which was well received.
Now the band take things further, for not only are they about to embark on a mini-UK tour fronted by legendary former Runaways singer Cherie Curry, but a new album with spanking new songs is also in the works.

Meanwhile, fans can delight over new release ‘Dope School’ – bursting with energetic rhythm, snarly hooks and one of those instantly recognisable choruses. It’s unashamedly danceable and instantly penetrating, working its way towards a frenzied punch as the beat goes on.

Second track ‘WHITE LIGHT BLACK HEART’ (only available on CD but not the download) evokes that golden 70’s era when songs started out with smoking riffs, followed by a melodious refrain reminiscent of that oh so cool Ramones vibe. It smashes through over three minutes of a wicked little arrangement that boasts dynamic vocals, aforementioned smoking riffs and a punch-laden beat and yeah, you just wanna hear more!
Hopefully we will soon though, well, whenever that brand-new album is out. Till then, don’t dream it… be it!