Despite a lengthy (in terms of pop artists) absence from music, Will Young bounced back this year with the hugely impressive 85% Proof album, another chart-topper for the singer. It features a combination of breezy pop, alongside some of the more thoughtful and startling material he's ever produced. Joy is definitely from the former category, but that's to be expected for a song that's aimed at being playlisted on Radio 2.

It's upbeat tone also lends itself to dance remixes - and there's an impressive version from English house trio Cahill. Joy is written by Young with the help of Jim Eliot and Mima Stilwell and is an uplifting tune bound to raise a smile and get your foot tapping as those autumn evenings begin to draw in.

The release comes ahead of his UK tour, where it will be interesting to see how Young balances the poppier sound with some of those moodier moments on the album, such as the classy Like A River and his best ever song Dare.