This track is warm an exciting welcome back for Calvin Harris after releasing his fourth album ‘Motion’ last year, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ has us anticipating a great new angle from him and more daring collaborations. Co-stars on this track are the House fueled trio, The Disciples. Calvin Harris doesn’t usually collaborate with other producers or DJ’s, making it interesting to hear a sound that has been mixed, worked and reworked by four different individuals.

The track has solid structure with pauses in rhythm and changing the listener’s attention from the melody and rhythm to the vocalists. To me this is a beach track, something I could play volley ball to, building tempo and becoming a tantalizing dance track. Lyrically this tuneful track isn’t too complex; using catchy repetition and audibly pleasing rhyme to embed itself into your head. This track is club ready and I imagine mixing it further would ruin the songs honesty. The title question: ‘How deep is your love?’ is repeated throughout the song, and is almost speaking from an insecure and hopeful point of view. The lyrics are open: “I want you to breathe me. Let me be your air” To me this is narrating the exciting beginning of a relationship, where both partners want to be each other’s everything. Having a romantic dance song makes me hopefully of a dreamy and exciting summer.

Harris has worked quite closely with pop star Ellie Goulding, making me assume the ethereal vocals on ‘How deep is your love’ to be her, however it is actually sung by Norwegian songwriter Ina Wroldsen whose tone is sharper and fits the tracks broken beat and hypnotic synthesizer. This track in undoubtedly catchy and is definitely aiming to be a chart topper, and with Calvin Harris being so heavily in the mainstream, Disciples are set to become increasingly popular. Calvin Harris proves that his talents are not limited to genre; ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ shows his triumphantly smooth transition into deep house.