After supporting acts Zak Abel & Raleigh Ritchie hit the stage and performed their collection of promising music the audience was warmed up and ready for the main act! Drinks were of the plenty and the outdoor setting really embraced the summer festival vibe.

Kwabs with his deep captivating vocals did not waste any time and launched us into his roster, all rich and emotive to say the least! Dressed in black, looking cool, calm, collected and seemingly modest as always Kwabs wowed the crowd!

Song after song, Kwabs either had you rocking to his soulful beats, or stilled by the alluring lyrics and baritone of his voice. The only disappointing aspect to the evening was the sound quality, there was times when you couldn’t make out the lyrics or periods were distorted. Unfortunately, this did at times take away from the amazing attributes of Kwabs’ performance, but, in saying that, Kwabs’ energy, presence and quirky dance moves more than made up for it!

Performances included songs such as “Walk”, “Pray For Love”, “Fight For Love” and the ever popular “Wrong or Right”, which went down a treat with the audience. Although disappointed that he didn’t perform one of my favourite “Perfect Ruin” all who attended got to see actually what Kwabs is made of!