This album from Boston’s Lauren Desberg is a peach. Technically it’s almost perfect; it’s immaculately played, sung and produced. But more importantly it works on a baser more human level with songs that grasp the listener, wheedling their way into your head and parking themselves there.

Opener Can’t Stop The Show it sets the tenor of the album. It’s sophisticated jazz and while there is some noodling it doesn’t detract from the flow of the song in any way, and it also showcases Ms Desberg’s vocals. Her voice is cast in the jazz sphere and tradition but there’s a freshness here that just lights up the album. Versatile too from the snappy opening track, switching to smoky and sultry on Lie to Me.

There’s also room for a little experimentation: Rock Steady with its careful use of synths and the slightly gloomier tones of Angel Eyes. That said there aren’t any left turns into the great unknown and seasoned jazz listeners will probably be able to pick up the influences. The only real misstep is her cover of How Deep is Your Love which doesn’t ring quite right.

Like Amy Winehouse, Lauren Desberg should appeal to both the jazz hardcore and the more casual listener.