Transferring from stage star to successful recording artist is not always easy. Often those used to performing in shows have wonderful voices that don't connect in the same way on record. Frances Ruffelle is just one example of a great stage star that never experienced success on record. Chilina Kennedy is currently starring in the Broadway version of the Carole King musical Tapestry and is hoping to buck that trend.

This is her debut album and she says the 13 songs represent her journey over the last ten years. Kennedy is helped by using all self-penned songs, avoiding the often repeated mistake of using some show tunes on the album. Kennedy says the record is a crossroads in her life, as she begins life as a mother (she gave birth to her first child late last year). The likes of Without You and Still In My Mind are gentle ballads reflecting on lost or unrequited love, whilst I Wouldn't Call It Love is about jealousy and anger, as a potential lover chooses a different path.

The songs are all well performed and produced but the real spark comes in the likes of Prisoner, the album's stand out song. It has elements of English folk, with over-dubbed vocals creating a haunting feel, before a luscious Celtic fiddle kicks in.

The Gambler's referencing of listening to "bullshit" and feeling "shitty" shows Kennedy has an edgy side, which bodes well for the future. This is an impressive debut and shows that transfer from stage to record can be made.