Brooklyn born artist, Julian Rhine has an unapologetic approach to music. His lyrics are powerful and honest. His hip-hop sounds have graced several stages, from SXSW to opening for Macklemore. Some may say that he is the next B.I.G (which is quite a statement if you are a biggie fan).

His sounds and delivery are more so comparable to Twenty One Pilots and The Beastie Boys. This NY native creates music that speaks to you on a religious and spiritual level. His approach is quite unique, given the fact that religion is a touchy subject in America.

His new single “No God Flow” addresses social injustice, atheism, and gay rights. Julian is a musician on a mission. He is creating music that will strike controversy and conversation. His naked lyrics gives listeners an inside view on his passions, morals, and ethics. If you are interested in listening to tunes from Julian Rhine, check out his single -