This little known rapping singer from Boston has a broad and bold message that she wants the world to acknowledge. Rap and RnB have occasionally been chastised unfairly for endorsing all manner of indecency; don't blame the music, people, blame the artists who abuse it. Anyway, it's nice to hear that the genres can also be used to encourage positivity, draw awareness and incite action on such a delicate yet widespread subject such as bullying.

'What Now?' is the latest single by Gemini Wired which kicks off her important anti-bullying campaign. But despite all that is good about the subject matter in this song, the production values are comparatively low here – from the lifelessness of the virtual instrumentation to the lack of effective mastering. Nowadays, even the use of terrible synthesis is inexcusable as technology bridges the gap between hardware and software. The heavily swollen kick drum and vapid piano were so noticeable on what is a simple melody and an altogether thin composition.

Despite this, Gemini manages to display her talent for both rap and melody in a single song, providing both the comforting carolling of hope that sweeps the verses and the passionate rap of defiance that she discharges with attitude on the bridge.

Her influences are the likes of Fergie, Kesha, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, but this young lady brings more of a social consciousness than the carnal exploits of her idols. 'What Now' is a song that is looking to make a difference through a statement in a way that ineffective, long-winded speeches and weak promises can't. Just because a song has a sincerity about it, doesn't mean that it can't be trendy, cool and entertaining.