The Jinxes's 5-track album, 'We Create' is a perfect representation of this duo from Monterey Bay's mentality. Romantic, wholesome and melodious, band members and newly-weds, Deanna Ross and Kevin Smith, come across completely compatible in their music too, stringing together rich harmonies that portray both their ingenuity and their love.

'My Butterfly' is like a storybook about a mother and daughter, chronicling the progression of their relationship through years. The homely appeal is in the lyricism, using imagination and symbolism to paint vivid images that many of us relate to in some way.

To follow up, 'The Situation' moves at a quicker tempo but still is within keeping with the provincial charm of the album. Again, the song is thematically based on real-life quandaries making it relative to so many but instead of dwelling on the despondence of said quandaries, The Jinxes use the material creatively, delivering a sardonic retrospective.

'Can You Hear It Ring?' utilises the most extensive instrumentation, infusing a rock edge to the folksy proceedings. It's an anthemic, powerful song in which the composition says more than words can.

But the penultimate and titular song, 'We Create', is what the album is intrinsically all about – expressing yourself in any way possible. Suggested unsubtly, the song endorses freedom of creation that is within all of us but is yet to be either realised or harnessed to its maximum potential. Don't be afraid to embrace it, reveal it and profit from it as The Jinxes are wasting no time doing. They make a good point and they practice everything they preach.