At just 17 years old, singer/songwriter Austin Mahone is poised for stardom. Already making his mark on the scene, Mahone has just sold out New York’s famed Best Buy Theatre within minutes of on-sales.

His single “Say Somethin” is still getting radio plays. This single follows Mahone’s first hit on iTunes with his original single,“11:11.” Not only does he have a solid fan base, known as “Mahomies,” but the teen sensation is gaining a legion of loyal fans in the media as well.

He’s hot on the press trail stopping by high profile outlets such as Access Hollywood, E! News, The Insider, VH1, MTV, Popstar!, which have featured him on their cover, as well as J-14, M, Astro Girl, Quiz Fest and Twist. caught up to find out about his latest acting project in The Millers.

How did your role in The Millers come about?

Austin: My role in The Millers came about because they asked me to be on the show and I hadn’t really done much acting but I was excited about it because I like to act. Basically my role was one of the guys from the show sticking up for himself and I thought the character was real nerdy in a school bust-up and that was pretty interesting.

Were you nervous beforehand?

Austin: No I wasn’t nervous, I was more excited than anything because I love the opportunity and it seemed like a good one.

Has the experience given you a taste for acting? Will you do more?

Austin: Yeah it’s definitely given me a little taste, but I know there are a lot harder roles out there, if I have an opportunity to act I am going to take it.

You’ve got a very hectic schedule, did you get much rehearsal time beforehand?

Austin: No not really, I literally just rehearsed it on my own and then walked up the day after and shot it.

Was it a quick shoot?

Austin: Yeah pretty quick, it was like an hour.

So your new album is coming out soon, can you sum up the sound for us?

Austin: The albums not called ‘Junior Year’ any more, that’s what I came up with a few years ago, so we’re going to come up with something new. But it’s got a lot of major songs on there, and a lot like one of my singles ‘All About Love’. It has urban sounds and quite a few collaborations, so it’s pretty cool.

You recently supported Taylor Swift on tour. She started in the industry young too, did she give you any advice and if so, what was it?

Austin: Yeah, she told me to keep my family and my friend’s real close because they’re the ones who are always going to be there for me. I learnt a lot from her because like you said she started real young and now she’s doing an arena tour. I guess I learnt a lot from her and she’s a real superhero.

Were there any shows you performed with her that particularly stick out? Any crowds in particular?

Austin: Every show was pretty intense with 50,000 people, so every show was amazing.

You’re sold out tour was postponed last year – what do you have in the pipeline for 2014?

Austin: I have an album coming out and I’m back in Miami finishing that now. Then later in the year I’m going to do a lot more travelling, maybe go overseas some more and do a lot more shows. I’m excited, it’ll be a good year.

Do you have any plans to visit the UK?

Austin: Yeah when I get my album done I’m probably going to come over and do a little promotion stuff!

Do you listen to many UK artists? Do you have any favourites?

Austin: I’m not that familiar with any UK artist’s – isn’t One Direction from the UK?

Indeed they are!

Austin: Yeah I’m a big fan of them.


Austin appears in The Millers on Wednesday 26th March at 9.30pm on Comedy Central.

The Millers stars Will Arnett (Arrested Development) as a newly divorced man who looks forward to the single life until his parent’s marital problems derail his plans. When Nathan Miller (Will Arnett) informs his parents of his recent divorce, his father (Beau Bridges) follows suit and leaves his wife (Margo Martindale) of forty-three years, complicating Nathan and his sister Debbie (Jayma Mays) lives.
“Bahama Mama”
Just as Nathan begins to unwind on his vacation in the Bahamas, Carol’s surprise appearance gets him riled up all over again until they meet Ganja Pete. Meanwhile, Debbie is upset with Adam when she learns that he used to write love songs for thes pecial girls in his life when he was younger.