If clothing chain Cyberdog would appoint a house band to promote their futuristic neon club-wear, then the privilege ought to go to Metaltech – an out of this world glam industrial rock band fronted by Erik Tricity.

Although the band, comprised of the aforementioned Erik (vocals, guitar, programming), Rory Alsop aka the Insidious Doktor Mayhem (guitar), and Emmett Christie aka Lord Thrapston Flagellator (bass) have been going for several years, it’s 2014 that’s set to catapult them to stratospheric heights. Nominees of various Scottish music awards, regular players at festivals including Belladrum and Wickerman, and special guests at London fetish night Club Antichrist… there is no doubt that Metaltech leave an impression wherever they play – gaining an ever increasing fan base in the process while furthermore having pocketed a TV ad campaign for T-Mobile.

The increasing popularity isn’t just the result of the band’s fiercely energetic and highly danceable sound - blending synths, riffs, electro beats with in-your-face lyrics, but an equally strong factor proves to be Metaltech’s visual style. We’re talking a rather unique look (to put it mildly) obviously inspired by KISS, Mad Max movies, Adam Ant, The Prodigy, Japanese Manga comics, and a great deal of stage theatrics. Sporting gas masks combined with metal militia caps, Venetian-style carnival masks customized to Kabuki cyber-zombie look, and last but not least Erik’s fiery homage to Gene Simmons… the audience are in for a visual rollercoaster ride.

On this particular Wednesday evening, the band play a gig at Bannerman’s – Edinburgh’s prime venue for alt rock. The very fact that the entire set is being filmed by LA’s Allan Amato, documentary maker and photographer extraordinaire, speaks volumes and is further testimony to the band’s ever expanding impact.

Running slightly late (not that this is anything out of the ordinary for any self-respecting rock act), the band finally take to the stage and after the intro start full throttle with “Useless”, during which punters are encouraged to hold up glo-sticks which had been handed out prior. As it turns out a little later, this is just one of several gimmicks the band hold in store during the night. Clearly, Metaltech love their toys and pyrotechnics! “We ask you to come closer for we have gifts for you, and I shall instruct you how to utilize those gifts…” teases Erik.
Spreading energy and hard-thumping grooves fast, the audience quickly warms to the band’s stage antics though it must be said that despite much cheers and applause audience participation remains curiously on the reserved side.

Next tracks “Phenomenal” and “This Kiss” sees the band joyfully continue their frenzied assault on the senses, and it becomes evident that thankfully here is a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
In between “Slam Trance” and “Burn Your Fucking Planet”, Erik generously throws party poppers in the audience arena before aiming at fans with an awesome looking bubble gun. Unfortunately the gag backfires when the gun, within a few seconds, ceases to release the expected blast of bubble clouds.

Unfazed by such minor malfunctions, Erik and Co. merrily carry on trashing away on bass and guitars and urging the audience to “Sell Your Soul”, while futuristic synthesizer beats command potential dancing feet ever more into action.

Next up is “Hammerstein” – and if any track was needed to prove just what a twisted sense of humor the band has then this is it. Entirely performed in German, although Erik quickly confesses to not actually speaking the language as such, the song is both a send-up and homage to Teutonic outfits like Rammstein and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. The musical arrangement sounds accordingly, with Erik doing little else than singing numbers 1 to 10 (and then some) in German, with the additional nonsensical lyric strewn in. Rammstein should be so flattered!

Final track, and bursting with mischief, is “Sex On The Dance Floor” during which the band play on stage provocatively with a blow-up sex doll before throwing it into the audience, much to the amusement of the assembled crowd. “Metaltech will take you higher” quips Erik, while the accompanying music does just that.

For the icing on the cake, the fellating sex doll is placed proudly next to the merchandise table once the show is over!