Composer and guitarist Ivor Game seems to be quite comfortable performing on acoustic guitar, recalling the bedsitter images of the mid-1960s, at times sounding pensive, at other times more adventurous on his recent album Wake Up and Sing.

Ivor, who has been around for the past 15 years or so. Things Are Looking Up shows him breezy and positive. After all, most of the songs on this release, his seventh studio album exude an optimism and warmth that few artistes from the acoustic scene have delivered over the years.

The style is simple, striking and Ivor, without any pretences whatsoever, does manage to provide an aura with his solo guitar arrangements and singing. His delivery is likewise unpretentious though not exactly extraordinary. He remains in the same key most of the time, and delivers more or less in a reflexive way. There are instances where he changes tact as on Be Near, which approaches more the style and delivery of Noel Coward.

Wake Up and Sing does at times sound too predictable. To his credit, Ivor Game has managed to be articulate as on the above-featured Be Near and on Who I Am, a fine statement about self-doubt in these times. Who would ever think of singing about 'reality has never been obscured?' Perhaps, Ivor’s strength lies in his Delivery but he could, perhaps articulate his guitar sounds a bit more.