After a four month absence stint from the gig front, Manchester-based four-piece band Autokat, hopped on a plane to play last night in sunny Malta.

Supported by local indie darlings the Areola Treat and Airport Impressions, the band featuring ex-Smiths drummer Mike Joyce, stormed the stage at the ungodly hour of 2 a.m. to perform to a packed Sky Club in Paceville.

Having that reminiscence of that traditional Manchester-vibe that brings back nostalgia of the Madchester period and a tinge of that Manchester melancholy together with a concoction of the present times, Autokat presented the gig punters with a guitar-ridden set playing songs that had the crowd pouncing. Needless to say, the gig last night attracted alt-rock lovers some wearing Siouxsie Sue, the Cure and the much beloved Smiths t-shirts.

Playing tunes such as Late Night Shopping, Seven Years, No Romantic, Get Off the Bar, Madline, Innocence, Shot and Short Circuit, the band built up a momentum with their hypnotising guitar sounds. Permitting a smile to the crowd every once in a while, the band performed highly and with Mike Joyce as their drummer, you could not expect any less.

Finishing with the Driver as an encore, Autokat proved to be a band worth watching out for. With their imminent album receiving esteemed reviews and BBC DJ Steve Lamacq selecting their song Innocence with its retro rebellious chords as the single of the week, there must be something there 'to love, to live and to learn'.