The 80th anniversary since the brewing of Farsons’ first ever beer took place on Sunday the last day of this festival.

Ivan Filletti and co., once more featuring the ubiquitous Gianni, among other musicians, opened procedures on the rockstage. Joe Cutajar on the pop stage was belting out various evergreen classics, from home and abroad, but the rock stage was bubbling with Filletti’s tribute to The Rolling Stones. If Gianni and co’s tribute to 60s music the previous Wednesday was quite a show, Ivan and co. delivered a rock party par excellence. Craft, zest and a sense to contrive were the order of the day, sorry night and Ivan’s hollering and other forms of vocal acrobatics were simply great. Who would have thought that Jumping Jack Flash and Satisfaction would have taken such a different blues tone and direction, without blemishing in any way the original versions?

The real surprise of the night were Fakawi. I mean, this is a band that can really take the mickey out of our culture, which has become more liberal than ever before. And take the mickey they did with their take on Maltese festas, as they paraded a statue on a stage which was decorated for such an occasion. Without resorting to any demeaning remarks, Fakawi set their message through, as they brought about their observations about values, the environment, polarization, (not just in politics but even along parochial lines) and our very own culture. This they also managed to do through their takes of some well-known Maltese songs. By 1 am, when I reluctantly had to leave the venue, after such an intense gruelling night, I could still hear Fakawi singing about Mellieha Bay and the perils it could face if its delicate environs are not protected from the ravages of over-development and vandalism. A rather sober ending to four great days of food, beer and song.

I also did feel bad for not being able to attend and cover Cable 35, The Dominoes, Bitterside, Cumshaft, Pitch 99, Muzzle, Chasing Pandora, No Snow/ No Alps, Mindstate, Frenzy Mono, Indigo, Thomas Hedley and Eve Ransom, due to the aforementioned circumstances. Apologies to these great bands.

Music-News.Com Malta would like to congratulate The Farsons Foundation and all those who in some way or other made the Farsons Beer Festival REALLY GREAT.