Name: Deborah Cassar

Born on: 11/01/1990

Hometown: Ghajnsielem , Gozo

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube page links:

Song Title : All around the World

Favourite food: Pizza / Spaghetti

Favourite hobby?: Singing, dancing and acting

Favourite holiday destination? Why?: Cruise to visit different places and culture sand to relax...

Favourite TV show / Movie ?:“Shaw shank Redemption”

How important is music to you / why?:
It’s more than just a hobby. It’s a means of escapism from the real life. Throughit I can express my feelings and share my thoughts. It helps me communicate with different types of people.

How much timedo you dedicate to vocal training and rehearsals? :This is on a daily basis as I’m meeting my team for rehearsals and I’m also attending vocal lessons.At the moment my vocal coaches Pamela Bezzina and Ludwig Galea are being very strict with me and taking good care of my vocals.

From the current Malta Eurovision 2016 finalists, who would you choose to duet with/ why?:
Franklin because I love his voice and he’s a very down- to-earth person.

A typical weekday for you from morning to night :
getting ready for work... after wards vocal lessons and rehearsals in the afternoon/ perform on tv/ recordings (depending what’s on my schedule).

How do you like to spendy our weekends:
Waking up late...being lazy and relaxed in the morning... Going out for dinner and have some wine.

Your musical in fluences: Celine Deon, Enrique Iglesias, Beyonce...

What is your most memorable performance to date ?
My performance in Bulgaria last May 2015 at the ‘Discovery Song Fest’ where I managed to place 2nd with the song ‘It’s OK’.

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Thanks for spending your time reading this interview. Thanks a million for your constant support and encouragement  it means a lot! I hope you’ll like my song ‘All around the World’ as much as I do.
Debs xxx

Interviewed by Joseph Portelli – Music News Malta Editor.

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