Rufus Wainwright is the perfect choice to perform at the majestic Teatro Regio of Parma, one of the most prestigious of the traditional theatres in Italy. Where Giuseppe Verdi once graced the stage, today at the Barezzi Festival, Rufus is visibly impressed at the whole scenario, reveling the attention bestowed upon him by an enthusiastic and packed crowd.

What magic the man weaves from the keys of his grand piano and his acoustic Martin guitar, engaging the listener completely.

Full of life he is so engaging, vividly entertaining the throng with his songs of America, love, family ties, dreams and failures.

‘Molto simpatico’, you are simply charmed by his modesty and good looks.

If that is not already enough for an enticing evening, what one takes away is so much richer for the heart and soul on account of the guy’s voice.

He is simply an outstanding singer and interpreter of song, be it a composition of Verdi’s, ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen, a sonnet by Shakespeare, or his own gems like ‘Poses’, ‘Going To a town’, ‘The Art Teacher’, the magnificent ‘Gay Messiah’ or ‘Out Of The Game’ to mention but a few.

The incredible thing is since I first got into him, he has got even better and better in time vocally, able to astound and overwhelm over and over again. It was captivating and so much fun from start to finish.

A true artist who sooner than later will be finally exalted right up there with the greats.

“The green autumnal parks conducting and the city streets a wondrous chorus singing all these poses oh how can you blame me, life is a game and true love is a trophy.”

Poetry to my ears; Goodnight all you dreamers and sleep tight