Barezzi Night(BN) a cultural amalgamation of music of high quality, to be played in wonderful settings, theatres of immense symbolic and patrimonial value, everyone sharing the medicinal and sensorial pleasures of Tanqueray 10, is a wonderful new concept for Italy and one I was lucky enough to share on the opening event of this review.

The Joey De Francesco trio opened BN in the majestic setting of the Teatro Verdi in Busseto,the birthplace of the master that is Giuseppe Verdi).A multi Grammy-nominated artist, widely considered by ‘jazz specialists and critics’ to be the best organist around His band, Dan Wilson a 30 year old Jazz guitarist handpicked by Joey as is the way in the jazz world to help develop and promote talented musicians and Jason Brown, a wonderful intuitive, both sensitive and explosive drummer.

Together, this three piece graced the stage; a truly superb musically deft ensemble, led by bandleader Joey, they played swing, gospel, jazz funk, subtly improvising so it felt they weaved inside the framework of a band, a living pulsating organism and not as sometimes happens, to my ears anyway in jazz gigs, a series of solo’s with the other musicians listening attentively for sure, but not really participating.

The swirling Hammond style sound of Joey’s playing is captivating, adding touches of trumpet here and there ( an instrument he picked up after playing with Miles Davis adding De Francesco to his live band, the latter only 17 years of age) and yes, being able to croon with the best of them when he chose to in the song ‘The touch of Your Lips’.

The Barezzi night review could not have opened in a better way I thought to myself as a sipped a Tan 10 g&t during the break between sets. The joyous De Francesco trio, the creaking floorboards and chairs of the divine Teatro Verdi will remain with me for a while. If in the Parma region of Italy, be sure to check out the other shows in the review.