‘Showtime’ as the Americans are wont to say to describe a ‘happening’, is the word that comes to mind to describe tonight’s gig with The Subways here in Milan. Playing in ‘The Salumeria Della Musica’ in Milan a former edifice for the storage of Italian Cured hams and salamis( still hanging up in the seated bar/food section), ordinarily hosting jazz or dj nights hence the superb sound system, with three tiers for standing and seating plus a mosh pit for the dedicated diehard fans to pogo and dance it’s a cool set up indeed.

Throw in two support bands, the worthy Purple and Home By Three all for 20 Euros, decent Mcfarland red ale; yes we have every detail that’s top notch quality. But of course the most important ingredients are the wonderful Subways themselves.
Billy Lunn and Charlotte Cooper bound on stage, all smiles and full of enthusiasm for their music, the bountiful crowd, both thankful for the fortune, after 10 years and 4 albums, to be able to play rock’n'roll everyday (very nearly anyway, with a 40plus date tour in under two months).

Even though original and charismatic band member, Billy’s brother ,drummer Josh, is unfortunately absent, suffering from acute stage fright caused by Asperger Syndrome(an autism spectrum disorder) this does not dampen proceedings; if anything upping the dedicated vibe, such that replacement drummer, pro and friend Rick, seems to be having a truly great time filling in with his sticks,.
A great set list is kicked off with the sublime ’We don’t need money to have a good time’ and it’s a fun trip for all involved. The seated cool Italians along with frenzied mosh pit mob are all participants in celebrating these 10 years and the very good recently released new album titled ‘The Subways’.

Charlotte, so spritely and sexy, dancing and head banging whilst very skillfully playing her seductive and rhythmic bass line grooves allows Billy, in peak physical shape, to be ringmaster of this circus literally guiding the band and crowd through the whole and very mesmeric experience. Playing mean guitar with boundless energy including a couple of magnificent stage dives with successful crowd surfs, he leads the band effortlessly so that even newcomer Rick looks and above all fits in.

Round hole round peg, make no mistake. Go and check this band out, still so fresh and vibrant, necessary I would add, for the sometimes labored and pedestrian pop punk scene. With shows in Spain ,Austria, Germany ,France, England still to come eventually ending at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London on April 2nd, get your subway ticket now for a rollercoaster ride.


1. We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time
2. I'm In Love and It's Burning In My Soul
3. Shake! Shake!
4. Good Times
5. We Get Around
6. At 1 AM (snippet)
7. Alright
8. Dirty Muddy Paws
9. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
10. My Heart Is Pumping to a Brand New Beat
11. I Want To Hear What You've Got To Say
12. Rock & Roll Queen
13. Taking All the Blame
14. Girls & Boys
15. Celebrity
16. With You
17. Oh Yeah
18. Just Like Jude
19. It's a Party