Noah Johansen (24), aka Whammyboy, is a Norwegian artist and producer who has made a mark in the indie-electronic music scene in Norway. He first gained recognition when he was named "Månedens Urørt" (Untouched artist of the Month) by NRK P3 in Norway, and was later one of the a finalist in Urørtfinalen in 2021. Since 2021, Whammyboy has been working in the studio, writing, creating beats, and developing his musical universe. During the spring until August, Whammyboy has released four out of five songs from his upcoming debut EP, "Space Pop Vol. I." releasing September 22nd, the same day he plays at Reeperbahn festival.

The songs on his debut EP have received acclaim not only nationally but also internationally, especially in the UK. The singles "Heart" and "Chop It" have been played multiple times on Jack Saunders' BBC Radio 1 Future Artists show, and in July, Whammyboy was selected as the NEXT WAVE Artist on the same program, with the single "Chop It." Additionally, he has already performed three concerts in the UK this spring (London's Old Blue Last, The Great Escape, Nordic Nights). In Norway, several of the singles have been listed on Norwegian radio stations like P3, P1, and P13 for an extended period.

Whammyboy is described as an introverted person who creates extroverted music in a genre he calls "Space Pop," where EDM meets indie pop. Whammyboy explains, "I have labeled my music as Space Pop to give myself a genre of my own, so I could feel that I could define what I can do in my own expression. I felt it was suitable since I like the sound to be a bit spaced with echoes and reverbs, and it's, in a way, an alternative form of pop in my eyes. Sometimes I pretend that some of the songs are being played on the radio on extraterrestrial planets, haha."

The debut EP "Space Pop Vol. I" is an introduction to Whammyboy's musical universe, featuring a collection of five songs he has written over the past two years. The songs touch on various experiences and thoughts from the period they were written, often related to love or relationships.

Whammyboy says, "I often get inspired by love because there are so many emotions, thoughts, and experiences associated with the theme."

Space Pop Vol. I tracklist:
● "Ocean" is a danceable and catchy love song about the desire to get closer and get to know someone at a deeper level.
● "Heart" is about the excitement of feeling an immediate connection with someone new in your life, as if you've known each other forever.
● "Goosebumps" is a euphoric song about being deeply infatuated with someone and describes the feeling you can get when you've just met someone, and you realize you're starting to fall for them.
● "Chop It" is about not being present in the moment.
● "Enjoy The Feeling" is the focus track on the EPrelease. It's about reminding oneself not to overthink or focus on what could go wrong in a relationship, but instead to enjoy the feelings in the moment. Whammyboy explains, Enjoy the Feeling is about continuing to see someone even after you've had the conversation about what you are to each other, and then the other person starts pulling away because it suddenly got too real! I sing about how, instead of thinking too much about all the potential difficulties that may arise, we can enjoy the feeling of being together. And the person feels safe with me."

Noah Johansen, aka Whammyboy, is the songwriter, producer, and has also mixed all the songs on the EP himself.
Despite being an introverted person who feels most comfortable in the studio, Whammyboy creates extroverted music with a lot of energy that makes people happy and gets them dancing. Additionally, he has a reputation for not being as introverted on stage, where he delivers an electrifying live show that is as unique and energetic as his music: distinctive, catchy, and delivered with explosive energy, complete with lasers and a dance guarantee. In connection with the EP release, Whammyboy is touring with his band, first in Germany (Berlin on FluxFM and Reeperbahn festival), then Supersonic in Paris, and finally a tour in Norway with stops in several cities; Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, and Volda.

Whammyboy is ready for touring ahead and says, "I'm really looking forward to playing live and seeing other countries with my band. I'm probably someone who actually finds it uncomfortable to expose myself, travel, and feel most secure at home making music, but I know I will appreciate that I dared to challenge myself. We have a brand new show that we're working on as I write this, which I believe will be the best we've done to date! In addition, the process of starting on Space Pop Vol. 2 has begun, and I'm extremely ready to create new music!"

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