DYLAN has released her new song ‘Rebel Child’, her main character moment that marks the first time she has written a song truly about herself. The track is available now via Island Records and immediately ups the stakes for the Suffolk-born, London-based artist. It is a track that echoes how empowered the artist is feeling right now.

Beginning with a country indebted vocal hook and a strutting guitar line, ‘Rebel Child’ immediately sounds like DYLAN laying down the gauntlet and staking a claim to being one of the brightest pop artists of the moment. Everything about the track is elevated and scaled up: the melodies are brighter, the lyrics sharper and within it all there is a sense that this is the moment where DYLAN has found her true identity.

“Rebel Child” is a big moment for DYLAN, a song that she has been building towards. She has painstakingly documented every thought that has gone into the song, bringing fans directly into its creation, whether it is the artwork, or the upcoming video, through social media.

Going into detail, DYLAN explains, “first off, I LOVE this song. I basically wanted my own theme tune - my main character moment. It’s purposefully at the tempo of a good, strong, strut. It’s the first song I have released that is not about anything other than myself, not about heartbreak or loss, love or friendship; it is about me, myself and I.

The lyric is about doing life my way and refusing to listen to anyone that tells me how to do it otherwise. The 'you' in the song represents the people that do not like me, it’s always seemed to add fuel to the fire, not get me down. This is my own anthem to getting to where I want to be.”