In December 2021, acclaimed singer-songwriter Terry Emm’s Facebook page flickered into life after a 7-year hiatus to announce some magnificent news. The Hertfordshire based artist’s folk Xmas single ‘Gently’ had been featured in award winning Toronto based author Jacquelyn Middleton’s Amazon #1 best-selling Christmas novel ‘The Certainty Of Chance’.

The two main characters of the novel listen to Terry Emm’s track ‘Gently’ on the radio at the pivotal reveal moment of the narrative of this heart-warming Christmas story of love, loss and serendipity. Following this unexpected unearthing of ‘Gently’ and gaining a renewed sense of creativity, Emm reissued ‘Gently’ in December 2022 for its 10th anniversary and recorded a brand-new album ‘Wish You Were Here’ with Lukas Drinkwater (Emily Barker, Terence Blacker) on production duties.

‘Wish You Were Here’, which features the acclaimed Maz O’Connor on five tracks, was met with glowing reviews earlier this year from the likes of Wonderland Magazine, RNR Magazine, Cool Hunting, Folk Radio, Maverick Magazine, Songwriting Magazine, plus airplay from BBC Radio Scotland’s Iain Anderson and BBC Radio Wales’ Frank Hennessy amongst others, putting this ‘lost’ singer-songwriter back on the map.

On September 21st 2023, Emm will push himself back out into the world once again with the release of a new single from the record, which follows the recent summer calypso banger ‘Island Soul’ and alt-country / Americana jam ‘November Evenings’. New single ‘Dwell’ is an upbeat, instantly engaging, no-nonsense folk-pop song with some infectious choppy acoustic guitar work and sparkling organ swirls that forge a folk-festival ready circling rhythm and a wide-eyed sense of awe-inspiring wonder.

“Dwell is about the uncertainties in life and what memories and figurative parts of ourselves we leave behind in various locations or with various people, when moving from place to place”, says Emm. “It was a song I wrote and recorded when we were making “Starlight”, but it didn’t seem to fit the album in the end, however Lukas Drinkwater’s fantastic instrumental touches meant the track finally found it’s place on the new album”, he further explains.

‘Dwell’ is backed by a previously unreleased B-Side from the ‘Wish You Were Here’ sessions, titled ‘Ornate’. The track is a brand-new version of the song that fronted Emm’s 2018 EP of the same name, this time given the Lukas Drinkwater production treatment to reveal more fuller and deeper depths to the song.