Singer, songwriter, and therapist Cassie Holt offers a genuinely unique and raw perspective on life, survival, and the music industry by balancing her love for creating music with her passion for helping others overcome adversity. Straddling the realm of songwriting with the world of trauma therapy, Holt is a distinct artist with a persistent vision. Though an artist at heart, she is a wife, mother, and gifted therapist, which shines through her life, work, and music.

Holt entered the music industry by first singing in coffee shops at open mic nights in high school, but she has identified as a vocalist for as far back as she can remember. After teaming up with an old friend from school, Holt formed a band that, uniquely enough, started as a docuseries. Though the film didn’t work out, she kept the band going, and together, they worked tirelessly at performing all around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. While working as a teacher and singing on stage for fourteen years, Holt found herself let down time and time again by big names with empty promises. She abruptly quit her job as a teacher, packed her belongings, and moved to Long Beach, CA, where she first started to build her career as not only a singer but a genuinely creative songwriter as well.

The drive to build something out of nothing is the mark of a serious artist, and this same love got her into music and still drives her to continue creating today. Like most artists, however, Holt’s journey has been marred by countless obstacles and challenges, from limited time, money, and resources to dealing with an industry filled with selfish individuals. Moreover, Holt faced some serious personal trauma, including surviving sexual assault, battery, and robbery at gunpoint—all of which she believes have fueled her incredible writing while also holding her back from achieving her goals of musical freedom. Like many survivors, multiple traumas have left Holt feeling numb to her core and unable to create, though it also drove her to keep going. Her personal experiences led her to become a therapist to help other creatives in toxic, abusive situations.

Cassie Holt’s real-world experiences and adversities give her a raw perspective that those she works with can genuinely appreciate. Seeing someone has survived a long, difficult road places them in a space that resonates with those who listen to them. Holt runs in a unique circle where her personal traumas fuel her passion for songwriting and singing, which she then uses to help other survivors, offering a consistently flowing stream of hope and courage. However, it is vital to know that while Holt has seen many challenges, she has also seen many triumphs, including singing with Sharlotte Gibson and winning the ASCAP Foundation’s “Sunlight of the Spirit” award at Lincoln Center. This unique blending of adversity and victory makes her relatable and will keep her making music for years to come.