As brightly coloured in both her folk songwriting as she is in her style, New York’s Rachael Sage releases a heartwarming new video for her track ‘No Regrets’. A vibrant celebration of her musical talent, but also to family, and apprecheating the things that mean the most in life. At the heart of ‘No Regrets’ lies a touching and deeply personal story.

The track was written with a huge amount of influence from her father. It all began with a simple yet profound poem that he wrote inside a Valentine’s card, it expressed his joy and love for life, the things that enliven him and how he has no regrets. It’s an ode to her dad and his ability to enjoy life, seize the moment, cherish spontaneous experiences, and hold dear the cherished memories of childhood that continue to bring a smile to his face.

In this heartfelt composition, Rachael Sage collaborates with renowned musicians Jack Petruzzelli (known for his work with Patti Smith) on guitar and Russ Johnson (a trumpet virtuoso associated with Elvis Costello).

The music video beautifully captures the essence of the song, featuring both Rachael playing the track and her sharing some of these beautiful moments with her father. Additionally, it offers glimpses of poignant moments shared between Rachael and her father. It's more than just a music video; it's a treasure trove of memories that will forever hold a special place in their hearts, ‘No Regrets’ will always be something that will be memorable for the both of them, to look back on and cherish.

Talking about the release, Rachael share that, “‘No Regrets’ is the first song I’ve ever written based on someone else’s poem, and that someone happened to be my wonderful Dad. He had written a few poetic lines on a little notepad while he was recovering from a very serious illness, and they were so touching to me that I didn’t ask for permission – I just started immediately setting them to music.” She adds, “Thankfully his health returned fully within some months, and due in large part to music, which he enjoys so much and was absolutely a major part of his healing.”

During the track, Rachael talks about his love for “Chevy blue Corvettes” and “cool root beer brew”, but also “The Rolling Stones” and “Singing out loud to every Beatles tune”. It’s clear to see where Rachael got her musical inspiration from. Rachael notes, “Honestly, I’ve never met anyone who loves music more than my Dad – especially the ‘oldies’ and songs that bring him back to a more innocent time. I asked him what other things he’d like me to include in the song that inspired him the most, and the list was much longer than I could ever incorporate but ultimately he was very pleased I focused on his friendships, his affection for ping-pong and Loretta Lynn – and his strong penchant for rhyming!”

In ‘No Regrets’, Rachael Sage not only delivers a beautiful musical tribute to her father but also invites listeners into a world where love, joy, and cherished moments take center stage. It’s a poignant reminder that music has the power to heal, inspire, and preserve the most precious memories in life.

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