is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Soldier’ by Stacey Jackson.

Championing emotional liberation and owning your truth, Stacey Jackson fuels the foundations of empowerment with the premiering music video 'Soldier' and its infectious 80s-inspired volumes.

As usual, Stacey Jackson delivers an undeniable wave of energy with uplifting, positive declarations of an inner warrior. The inspiring visuals narrate various perspectives and storylines combined with Jackson's protagonist scenes.

The woman of many talents and many roles in her personal life, Stacey Jackson supports self-assuring, inspiring lyricism with mirror identity checks we often practice at our homes. Our reflection may sometimes be our biggest critic or cheerleader, a personal hype-man. In this case, Jackson manifests inner strength and freedom of self-expression.

Singing, “There comes a time for change, the power to be free, in this game of life, we've gotta choose what's it gonna be”, she expands on the track's meaning: "We all have different characters to ourselves, wearing multiple hats and what feels like different lives at times! However, no matter who you are to people, you are always and only YOU for yourself. And there is only one REAL you. In every scenario, you must be your own soldier. We all have to be true to ourselves no matter who is counting on us because we could never be a great parent, great at our jobs, a great sibling, friend or partner until we are true to ourselves."

'Soldier' is the first teaser of Jackson's upcoming album 'Super Woman' and is co-written with Ramzi Sleiman, who she worked with on her No. 1 single 'Flipside.'

Watch the 'Soldier' video premiere below:

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