Today, Hilary Roberts, the internationally recognized Red Songbird, makes a triumphant return with her first track of 2023. Get ready for that Friday buzz, and to be swept away into a world of tranquil bliss with Roberts’ latest single ‘Euphoria’.

The song opens with a tantalizing glimpse of a filtered beat, before Roberts bursts forth with her trademark vibrant and infectious club-infused pop sound. Seamlessly blending lively verses with captivating choruses, 'Euphoria' emerges as an uplifting anthem of positivity. The track's allure is further intensified by the skilful integration of catchy synths and carefully selected minimal instrumentation, resulting in an enthralling sonic journey.

Taking some time to shine some light on the track, Hilary stated that she “wanted this song to bring the listener back to a place of pure joy. That euphoric carefree feeling of being a kid again and finding the beauty in every moment.”

Don't miss out on the opportunity to stream Hilary Roberts' latest single, ‘Euphoria’, and let yourself be swept away by its enchanting melodies:

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