Ayron Jones forthcoming second album Chronicles Of The Kid will be out June 23rd via Big Machine / John Varvatos Records.

Ayron Jones is quickly becoming one of the most talked about new rock artists in America and his story is a real tale of triumph over adversity, which is addressed in the lead single ‘Blood In The Water’ from the new album.

Abandoned as a child by his parents, he grew up with his aunt, teaching himself guitar and grinding in Seattle for over a decade where he was born & bred. Whilst bringing up his own family - he has four children - he has travelled from extreme poverty to musical success.

The single ‘Mercy’, from his debut album Child of the State, hit No.1 on the Billboard Rock chart in 2021 making him one of the very few black artists to achieve that feat. He’s also supported the likes of Public Enemy, The Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses, BB King, Run DMC and Jeff Beck, so he’s obviously doing something very right!!

Ayron recently toured the UK with Daughtry and he returns this summer to play 2000trees Festival on July 6th, ahead of that he’ll be playing a warm up show at Camden Assembly the day before.