In the fast-paced world of DJing, electronic dance music, and artistic expression, DJ Asi Vidal stands out as a multi-talented artist who has successfully transformed his passion for music into a thriving entrepreneurial venture. Asi Vidal boasts an impressive background in music studies, over a decade of experience in the industry, and a strong belief in the power of dance music.

Born and raised in Israel, his goal was to come to Los Angeles for vacation. But after witnessing LA's Clubs and nightlife scene, Asi decided that this was where he wanted to live, create and perform his music.

Asi Vidal is a formidable talent who has carved out a name for himself in the vibrant and demanding music scene of Los Angeles. Hailing from a distant land Asi Vidal faced the challenges of being an alien in a new country. However, his passion for music transcended borders driving him to overcome cultural barriers and establish a unique artistic identity.

Los Angeles, renowned for its competitive landscape, tested Asi Vidal's resolve as he sought to make his mark. But he embraced the challenge of immersing himself in the local scene, collaborating with fellow artists, and constantly refining his craft. It wasn't an easy journey, but his unwavering dedication and distinctive sound eventually and gradually helped him build a loyal fan base that propelled his career forward. To sustain his passion Asi Vidal learned the art of diversifying his gigs from DJing at clubs and festivals to hosting his own events, DJing private events, and producing original music.

“When I arrived in LA, I just wanted to play music, I was ready to play anywhere, even for free,” he says. “I started performing in clubs and bars, and the pay was based on how many people came, I barely made any money back then, so I couldn't afford to do paid promotion. But then I noticed that there was much more demand for event DJs, and as a DJ for private events, the pay was higher. This is when I started promoting myself as an event DJ.”

Although he initially set his sights on DJing in nightclubs, this realization led Asi Vidal to establish Angels Music DJs, focusing primarily on wedding DJ and event services and providing a wide range of entertainment options.

"Private events are different. People who need your service will pay you for your skills," while club owners will pay you based on the crowd you bring, he says. “So by doing private events, I went from being a broke musician trying to make it as a Club DJ in Los Angeles to a business owner who makes money providing DJ services.”

Los Angeles offers a vibrant Jewish and Israeli community, which made catering to this community an ideal starting point for Asi Vidal. He found it easier to connect with his people, as they shared a common language and cultural background. Asi decided to concentrate his promotional efforts on this market that resonated with his music, providing them with an experience reminiscent of their Israeli roots.

“At the start, I was trying to promote my business to everyone and everywhere. But it was hard to stand out, then I decided to niche down and concentrate on my people,” he says. "It was easier for me to promote myself to this crowd, create events for them, and provide them with what they want while doing what I can do best, being a DJ."

Unlike many DJs, Asi Vidal valued the significance of a solid education and foundation in music production. Having studied music at the Hed Academy for music in Tel Aviv, Israel, he understood that knowing the fundamentals would set him apart from other artists.

“I knew that this was going to be my career, so I wanted to start with a good base,” he says. "I wanted to know what scale I'm playing and what to look for to produce good music."

This dedication to understanding music allowed him to elevate his DJ performances and eventually start his own record label, Rhino Star Records, in 2010. Initially driven by the desire to release his own music, Asi Vidal soon recognized that he also had the potential to support other DJs and producers who shared his passion.

“While I was releasing my own music, other DJs and producers contacted me as a record label to release their music,” he says. “I had this tool in my hand that could help other DJs like me, that have a similar style or share the same love for music.”

Asi Vidal expanded Rhino Star Records to include sample packs and music production tools, enabling aspiring artists to create high-quality music, regardless of their music theory knowledge. Collaborating with like-minded producers and sharing knowledge within the Rhino Star music community became a core principle, fostering growth and creativity among its members.

Asi Vidal acknowledges that success in the music industry requires more than just talent. He emphasizes the importance of social presentation and valuable content. Being creative is the first part, but then investing in promoting your craft becomes vital to ensure that people will actually have the opportunity to check it out.

Additionally, he advises new artists and DJs not to overthink their creative work, and to use the new AI tools, “Almost anything that was hard to do in the past can be done today with a push of a button, so take advantage of this”.

Lastly, he stresses the importance of perseverance and encourage young DJs to never give up on their dreams. “Stay patient and keep pushing forward, your time will come.”
he says. “Try a lot of things until one thing starts working, and this one thing will hold everything together.”
Asi Vidal and his story shows that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. He is a living proof that perseverance can pay off.