Music-News is excited to exclusively premiere the new music video for “Original Sin” by singer/songwriter Matt Hurd!

Recorded at Pleasantville Records in NY and mixed in LA, ”Original Sin” is a compelling plea denying the universal accusations of a Catholic upbringing. Written and performed by Matt Hurd, the song was produced by Chris Hurd (guitar/vocals Tucker Woods). Kelsey Demsky of Big Tiny adds backing vocals throughout. A groove built by drummer Dan Roth (The Almost Brothers Band) and bass player Brian Motel (Tucker Woods) brings each soaring chorus in and out while being met with a bridge that breaks down and rebuilds just in time to meet a choir of organs and angels. The ending orchestration brings midnight mass meets Motown vibes. “Original Sin” delivers a catchy tune with some lyrical substance to make you rethink the pressure we’re told to hold over ourselves.

Speaking about the song, Matt Hurd said the following: “Original Sin was a lot of fun from start to finish. I really thought I had something special after writing it. I stumbled upon the idea for the song just fooling around with some chord progressions. The line “I’m not taking the hit” started the ball rolling. Next thing I knew, I had most of the verses and all the chorus set. Without even realizing it, I’d written a Catholic school rebellion song. The bridge came a little while later and gave the song a great middle section which is totally different from the rest of the song. When I showed the demo I made to Chris (producer), he got pretty excited too. We recorded the song and the rest of the album, “Not Afraid of Ghosts”, at Pleasantville Records in New York. I think we did a really cool job of taking some heavy themes and keeping them bouncing along with some R&B grooves.”

Watch the music video here:

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